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Overview of construction steps of fiber wall clothing

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Fiber wall clothing construction steps

The first step: paint mix
1, the wall clothing into a clean, plastic container large enough.

2, it is determined after painting area should be a sufficient amount of stirring. Follow the prompts on the bag, add some warm water, stir evenly. Note To use a clean, non-ferrous or other impurities in the water, in order to avoid contamination of clothing wall.

3, after placing wall clothing mixed for at least 1 hour before use, to be stirred again before use, to ensure uniform mixing without agglomeration.

Step two: roller application
1, depending on the situation after the wall of the base wall pretreatment, to ensure a clean walls, sturdy, and dried, the bottom surface is white.

2, the mixture paste to the wall, spread, and then special roller brush roll evenly (about 1-2 mm thick is appropriate).

3, if you use the wall clothing found not enough, you can add the remaining portion of the material after mixing before use.

4, if found to have uneven or dry bare walls, you can spray a little warm water, stirring was supplemented on excess, can roll flat.

The third step: wait for drying
1, painted wall clothing after take 24-48 hours to dry, should ensure that during the construction site clean to prevent dust and dirt stained walls.

2, shaking his head fan can be used to accelerate the flow of air to accelerate the drying speed.

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