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Overview of the performance characteristics of polypropylene fibers

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(1) light
Density polypropylene fiber is 0.90-0.92 g / cm3, in all chemical fiber is the lightest, 20% lighter than nylon, 30% lighter than polyester, 40% lighter than that of viscose fibers, so it is suitable for winter clothing Xu fillers or ski suits, mountaineering and other fabrics.

(2) high strength, good elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance
High-strength polypropylene (dry, wet the same state), is the manufacture of fishing nets, an ideal material for the cable; wear resistance and good elasticity, strength and polyester and nylon similar, rebound with nylon, wool and comparable than polyester London, viscose fiber is much greater; the poor dimensional stability of polypropylene, easy to play ball and deformation, anti-microbial, borers; chemical resistance than ordinary fiber.

(3) having electrical insulation and warmth
Polypropylene fiber resistivity high (7 × 1019Ω.cm), thermal conductivity, as compared with other chemical fibers, polypropylene electrical insulation and warmth of the best, but easy to produce static electricity processing.

(4) poor heat resistance and anti-aging properties
Low melting point of polypropylene fibers (165 ~ 173 ℃), light and heat stability is poor, so, polypropylene heat resistance, aging resistance poor, intolerance ironing. But by the addition of anti-aging agent during spinning to improve its anti-aging properties.

(5) poor moisture absorption and dyeing
Polypropylene fiber moisture absorption and chemical fiber dyeing is the worst, virtually no moisture absorption, moisture regain of less than 0.03%. Denier Polypropylene has a strong wicking moisture can be excluded by the fiber capillaries. After made clothing, clothing comfort is good, especially the ultra-fine polypropylene fiber, since the surface area is increased, the sweat can pass more quickly, keep skin comfort. Because fiber does not absorb moisture and small shrinkage, polypropylene fabric with a washable and quick drying characteristics.

Polypropylene dyeability poor, pale color, poor color fastness. Conventional fuels can not make it stain, most colored polypropylene is produced using spinning before coloring. Liquid can be colored, fiber modification, before the melt spinning blended fuel complexing agent.

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