Sitemap 中文版

The credibility of the concept:
Credibility is based on the company's promises to the people is digging its own grave;


Innovative ideas:
Innovation is the soul of the company, the company will be difficult to survive without innovation;

Market concept:
User is the market, more than one user to more of a market;

Technology concepts:
Companies increasingly rely on the development of modern science and technology, technological innovation is the only way for development of the company;

Company Quality:
Quality is the life, the highest standards of quality is customer satisfaction.

View company's behavior:
Life 6, cheerful; 1, innovation and change in the concept of development; 2, the operation of the team concept of collaboration; 3, abide by the credit outlook of cooperation; 4, disciplined self-regulatory outlook; 5, honest interpersonal Views .

The company's talent:
1, people-oriented
(1) employees are the company's wealth;
(2) the quality of staff related to the fate of the company;
(3) the growth of employees is the basis for development of the company, the premise;
(4) sincerely treat each employee;
(5) provide a good environment for employees to work and grow.

2, the use of personnel
Ability and political integrity, meritocracy.